Cobra Magnum Truck Is “Eating” This Pontiac For Breakfast!

Most of us see garbage trucks are vehicles that are supposed to pick up trash, put it in their rear and just drive off. However, as you would expect nowadays, someone thought that that is not enough! This is why (probably) the Cobra Magnum was made! Cobra Magnum is a garbage truck that has to ability not only to collect trash, but crush cars as well! In the video that we are sharing with you guys today, you will see the Cobra Magnum garbage truck in action! Furthermore, there is even a big crowd of people filming this whole ordeal!

Anyways, a Pontiac Grand Am is the chosen “victim“ of the garbage truck. It took the Cobra Magnum a little over a minute to completely devour the poor car! This is quite a feat to be honest! In a world that is shifting towards a more ecological approach for the trash, this is a huge leap towards. Hopefully, by crushing the trash on the spot we will be able to reduce the area of the landfills. That remains to be seen. In the meantime, you can watch the video below and enjoy the Cobra Magnum crushing the Pontiac Grand Am to smithereens.

Do you know that from now on in NY is illegal to speed pass garbage trucks? Learn more about that rule here.