This Is Having Fun with the Garbage Truck Burnout! Like a Boss!

Look at this amazing Garbage Truck Burnout! If you are a typical gearhead who is going on an everyday job that involves driving all sorts of vehicles for different purposes, than I`m guessing that it is only natural to get some urges, deep down from your racing and drifting character and decide to have a little fun with the vehicle, or in this case, this garbage truck.

Making some serious rubber burn outs with a truck like this must have felt like riding a bull and going straight at the pits of hell with it. Well, maybe not straight to hell, but the fate of those tires is definitely sealed.

When there is a huge and powerful truck at your `disposal`, with whom you can make more than ` serious damage`, one simply can not resist to do some stunts with it.

A machine with much more horse and torque power under the hood is dying to show off its strength and potential. Just look at those burn marks this truck has left after everything was done and clear.

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Enjoy the video below!

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