The Futuristic Infinite Tire Needs NO Air & NO Replacement!

Futuristic Infinite Tire NO Air Replacement michelin 2

We are living in a time where new technology is omnipresent. New solutions to old problems occur very often. Our cars are part of this process. The car technology is more advanced than ever. Though some of the concepts are not implied by the vast majority so far, some concepts are not even accepted by the society, we could see some progress in the future. Namely, in the following video we see the tire manufacturing company, Michelin present its latest innovation, the infinite tire! A tire which does not need air and will never deflate. You do not have to replace it too!

The infinite tire is 3D printed and when the tire wears down, all you have to do is to 3D print the thread which will completely rebuild the tire. They can be even customized for different seasonal conditions too! You will have different tire patterns for winter and summer. The tire is made from natural and bio-degradable material, thus meaning they are eco-friendly as well. Once you buy the product, it will last forever. What do you think, how long would it take for this new concept to be implemented by everyone, or will it even catch up at all?

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Rebuildable car tire

Meet the tire that never needs air. Or be replaced.

Posted by Futurism on Monday, June 26, 2017