Funny Engine With Beer Bottles Instead Of Pistons! You Don’t See This Every Day!

Boredom can make some people incredibly creative. Sometimes this can be good, sometimes it can be bad and sometimes it is just plain funny! Occasionally, we love sharing a video that showcases the intellectual brilliance of certain individuals. This is exactly what we decided to do today, by showing you a video that would put a smile on every gearhead`s face! In it, a funny engine is shown, and we must admit that we have never seen anything like it!

If you are wondering what makes an engine funny, we will gladly explain it to you. What you will see in the video is a straight six engine unlike any other! Unlike every other engine, that has pistons inside the cylinders, this one has 6 empty beer bottles! If there is a better way to have fun with an engine than to replace the pistons with beer bottles, let us know!

These types of engines are typically found in small passenger cars, and are quite uncommon nowadays. This is mainly because of the more efficient V6 engine, which saves space and increases power at the same time! However, they can still be found in many older car models! This type of engine was popular before World War II, and it was found in a wide range of medium sized cars. As time and technology progressed, the straight six engine started losing its popularity.

Nevertheless, this doesn`t mean it can`t be used for other means, as is the case with this funny engine! In case you were wondering about the beer, it is a German brand called Helles Volbier. With that being all cleared up, we shall now leave you to enjoy this video. After all, is there a better way to start off you day than with a laugh?

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