Just as numerous times before, here we go with another one clip that is `slightly different` from our usual picks of the day, when we are showing you some of the latest models of certain sports cars, or your favorite Detroit muscles, or the numerous face-offs between various modified beasts, on and off the drag strip. Today we have decided for something completely different – a video that is going to present you with another type of powerful machines, some of `the best` in the entire history of military engineering! The most dangerous weapons ever made in the history of mankind!

Just as you could have read in the title, the range of these ten weapons in the list, is really wide and diverse. Starting with a `regular` assault rifles, snipers that can penetrate through an armed artillery vehicle, all the way to the biggest caliber gun from the WW II, that is firing 7-ton shells, and of course, the aircraft carriers, armed with nuclear dangerous weapons, and the deadliest biological bombs ever created.

So, if you got intrigued by this, and want to leave your favorite American muscles and fastest imports aside for a few moments, take a look at the following video and find out some truly incredible things about weapons. And if you are interested in seeing another, pretty similar list of weapons, go to this link.