Formula 1 Car Cut In Half – What Does It Look Like?!

The internet is full of pictures of F1 cars, amazing angles, hot shot frames of them entering curves and accelerating. But, wouldn`t it be awesome if we could split an F1 car into half, like an apple? The guys from Sauber F1 team worked on that for two years and finally made the Formula 1 Car Cut in Half! We already had articles about it, but here we go again. The most complicated thing when designing the F1 car is completing the puzzle that involves over 16,00 pieces that have to go together! But it is one thing said like that and totally another when you see them in front of you!

Cutaway F1 Race Car 2

Just starting from the back, it is amazing how clearly you can see the gearbox, moving forward to the clutch as you slowly see the engine ending with the oil tank and the fuel system! Moreover, once you begin moving through this Formula 1 Car Cut in Half, you get to the electronic boxes and as you go even more to the front, you hit the pedals and the steering system! As one can easily see, is that all the weight in an F1 car is being kept very low.

This is due to performance as this positioning reduces the center of gravity of the F1 car. Moreover, the steering wheel is one of the main components of the steering system. A closer look can be seen as you can see where the gearshift pedals are and the pedal that lifts the clutch! But all this is much more interesting if you watch the video, enjoy!

Finally, check out this future F1 car concept!