Ford Built A Smart Baby Crib That Simulates Driving Around The Neighborhood!

Ford collaborated with Espadaysantacruz Studio in order to develop a smart baby crib that perfectly simulates driving to help your baby sleep. This baby bed goes by the name of “Motor Dreams” and it was built for the purpose of an advertising campaign for Ford`s MAX models. This baby bed features smooth imitating traffic, gentle engine sounds and LED lights. All of these features are controlled via smart phone application that can imitate your car`s movement as well. According to Ford, parents can lose up to forty four days of sleep just in their first year as parents.

Ford Smart Baby Crib 2

Unfortunately, this is not a production but just a prototype so hopeful parents would not have the chance to purchase the cot. For the time being, this is just a one-off. However, according to various sources, Ford is considering to put the unique smart baby crib into full-scale production. This can be realized if there`s a pending interest, so new and future parents should not lose their hopes yet. This is really a very precious and cute, eccentric design exercise. It has a very neatly done wood trim as well. However, this idea of applying a Wi-Fi motor to a baby crib is not new.

A newborn sleep expert and renowned pediatrician, Dr. Harvey Karp, developed the Snoo. This is a Wi-Fi robotic baby bed that can sense when your baby is awake from a bad dream and kindly rock it to sleep. We think this are some pretty awesome ideas because it`s common knowledge that babies are easily lulled to sleep when in a car.

And last but not least, follow this link to watch one baby chauffeur!