Ferrari FORMULA 1 Engine Sound Evolution: V12/V10/V8/V6

There are many things that are cool about an expensive car, such as the appearance, sound and speed. Over the years some absolutely amazing and super fast cars have been made, but nothing can compare to the mighty and powerful Ferrari FORMULA 1 car. Ferrari has been a company that has always been somewhere at the top of the pyramid when it comes to manufacturing extremely powerful F1 cars. Hereby we decide to take a look at this awesome compilation in which we see the different Ferrari sounds these cars have made over the years.

Ferrari FORMULA 1 Engine Sound Evolution V12V10V8V6 11

There are couple of different engines we will take a look at, such as a V12, V10, V8 and V6. You can find them in different sections from this compilation and they are utterly something special. First up it is the V12 Ferrari that is racing in Suzuka back in 1994. The F1 Ferrari car had the Tipo 044/1 type of engine and was driven by Jean Alesi.

There is something special about these retro videos that make you fall in love with the way cars sounded like just couple of decades ago. Furthermore we take a look at the legendary racer Michael Schumacher that was racing in Barcelona back in 2004. The whole footage is something awesome and something we all enjoy watching hence we take a look at one of the men that made us fall in love with the speed.

Check out the video for more Ferrari FORMULA 1 sounds and see the difference between them over the years.