What A FIND! First FORD BRONCO PROTOTYPE Is Found After Being ‘’Disguised’’ As A FAMILY TRUCK!

First Ford Bronco Prototype Found 1

Every now and then we find an interesting story about finding interesting cars. While most of the time, these vehicles sit in a barn somewhere, today`s story is not like that. In this story, the vehicle that was “found“ was actually used all the time, without anyone realizing its importance! This story comes from Arizona, and it features the first Ford Bronco prototype from 1966!


First Ford Bronco Prototype Found 4

It was used for almost 40 years by Vincent Yakubanski, who purchased this vehicle way back in 1978 for a mere $100. In all this time, Vincent never realized that he might possibly have the very first Ford Bronco ever made!

First Ford Bronco Prototype Found 3

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