Ford Mustang Shelby Cobra Spits Nitrous, Racing, Burnout, Lights Show, Demonic Sound…Anyone?

Check out this Ford Mustang Shelby Cobra Spits Nitrous Oxide, Doing Some Highway Racing, Massive Burnout, Demonic Engine and Exhaust Sound

Everyone has specific tastes and when it comes to modifying your car that`s no exception. And that`s what makes the car scene so beautiful. The diversity we have when it comes to modified cars. Here we catch up with this extraordinary modified Ford Mustang Shelby Cobra. We have never seen a modification like this before. Also, we go to mention, this Ford Mustang Shelby Cobra sounds sinister as hell. The grumbling exhaust, the purging nitrous and every part of this wild stallion gives us goosebumps. We are sure this will get the motor running of every gearhead out there. Because, in this hellish car there 1000 kicking ponies. It burns rubber like no car does. This Ford Mustang Shelby Cobra is a true hellish mean machine.

However, before you play this video, we will suggest you to decrease the volume of your sound devices! We don`t want any mishaps to occur. Now if you are ready, just LISTEN to the ROARING of this car people! Jeez! That is an astonishing rev! Next, you can hear this car in a totally different situation. Parked in the driveway and idling its engine. Like a cat`s purr. Except that this sound is more pleasant for most of us. The pivotal moment, according to us, in this video is when this car`s engine is idling and it spits some NO2like a venomous snake! And we think it is interesting to mention how the marriage between nitrous and piston engines occurred. Like many things, this was also invented during a war. When the Allies and Axis aerospace engineers both used liquid injection for extra power. This Ford Mustang Shelby Cobra is an amazing sightis an amazing sight. It is Outstanding! We are simply terrified by this demonic car.

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