1844HP Overkill Duramax Blows Up On The Dyno! This Is What Happens When You Use All The NITRO…

Usually dynos are performed indoors, in a garage. However, with this vehicle that is simply impossible! Why? Because it emits so much fumes which is rather dangerous to perform the test indoors. Moreover, this video can be a good example of how you should not treat your car, regardless the data you are expecting. Sometimes the vehicle just cannot endure the pressure we are applying. Like this truck here. The dyno run was going nicely, and when those guys wanted to extract the full potential of the vehicle (which they did before the blow up) it simply gave up and went up in smokes. Literally. We wonder what the results of the Overkill Duramax were before everything was ruined. On the other hand, we really don`t think it was worth to destroy your truck just so you can show the world how powerful your vehicle is!

This is what happens when your ego gets the best out of you. Having an 1844hp engine is no joke, but destroying your truck just to show off is not smart. Furthermore, take a look at the wrist pin. It went flying right out of the Overkill Duramax! It is incredibly hot and it is in smokes! As for the truck, well, it stopped the dyno after the engine was ruined. Well, that`s what happens when you use all the NITRO. We just hope that whoever was doing the dyno test for the Overkill Duramax, will never try doing something like this again. No truck is indestructible. Like we said previously, sometimes the vehicle just can`t endure all the pressure that is applied onto it. This video is a perfect example of what happens when you try going over the limit. Nonetheless, nobody was hurt because of this mishap, except maybe the driver`s ego. At the very least, we are certain that he will learn his lesson and take things slowly the next time he tries a dyno on his Overkill Duramax.

Plus, watch this video of a Twin Turbo Mustang performing a dyno test! It had the same fate!

Enjoy the video below!

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