Sometimes The Ford F 150 Just Cannot Replace The 2500 HD Chevy Duramax Towing Power! Fail!

Now we know that the men`s world is divided in many ways. Football teams, basketball teams and what`s even a greater rivalry than those two – the car brand rivalry? Chevy or Ford is the question that many ask. Dodge can interfere for a minute there, but these two are the ones constantly proving to one another who is the best! The answer is, there is not concrete answer! But when this particular task is in question, like the one in the video the 2500 HD Chevy Duramax towing ability is the right choice. That is backed by the video where a Ford F 150 truck is proving not be the right “man” for the job!

The test here put both Ford and Chevy. A Semi truck is stuck here and needs some help. Of course, both great truck brands come to help, however only one does the job completely. The Ford gives it a try but as you already suppose – fails miserably. The Chevy Duramax towing power proved to be more powerful in this scenario as it easily saved the day! Feel free to watch the video below the text and give us your comment. We will appreciate everything you have to say.

Before you go, click here to watch the ultimate tug of war between Chevy & Dodge!