That Wild Ferrari LaFerrari Drift Show On Public Road!

We just cannot understand people who buy exotic cars and then drive them with snail pace. That`s not right! However, we are not saying that once you get in a supercar you are supposed to turn into a reckless driver. Totally the opposite – always obey the rules on the road. But the point is that those supercars are made to be pushed. No wonder why they have so much power and cost so much. Because not everybody can afford them. Yet we see people who, according to some folks, do not “deserve” such car. Anyways, there is nothing you can do about it. Life is not always fair. On the other hand, today`s video opposes to the aforesaid. And we are both proud and happy about it! Here you can see a proper treatment of a Ferrari LaFerrari drift beast!

It is recorded on a public road, performing one tiny but worth watching drift! We are very glad when we see that this car is in good hands. The owner really knows how to use it in the best possible way. But in order to drive like that, you have to own some skills, don`t you think?

Hungry for one more Ferrari LaFerrari drift? Follow this link and Bon Appétit!