Drifting Action With MAD MIKE WHIDDETT & His MAZDA MX5 “RADBUL”!

I firmly believe that most of you will agree with me if I say that there is not probably a single person in this world who is (at least) interested in drifting and great and powerful cars that are shredding tires, who are not familiar with the name of New Zealand`s own, Mad Mike Whiddett.

And of course, all of you who are following the Musclecarszone.com regularly, have seen numerous and various videos that we had prepared for you with Mike and his awesome Mazda MX5 aka “Radbul”, stuffed with a 26B Quad-Rotor Twin Turbo engine that is pumping more than 1 000 HP.

However, this time we are not going to concentrate on that powerful and fast drifting beast of Mike`s, in a sense of telling you some of the specs about it (we`ve done that already, more than once). But, what we have here is an adrenaline rush filled, hardcore drifting action in the Highlands with Mad Mike Whiddett and his Mazda monster, which I believe it won`t leave anyone indifferent.

So, without any further adieu, check out the video below and enjoy the following 100 seconds of drifting and making clouds of smoke! Afterwards, if you feel like sharing your thoughts with us, express yourself in the comment section below. And if you want to see more Highland drifting action, go to this link.