Here is a video clip for all those who want to learn much more about the awesome and powerful cars of some of the best drivers in Formula Drift, directly from the men who are behind the wheel of some of them. It is a clip from an episode of Behind the Smoke, in which you will see Dai Yoshihara’s, who was having problems with his car during the Road Atlanta, so he got into the role of a reporter and made interviews with some of his competitors. The three drivers with whom Dai is speaking are Mad Mike Whiddett, who is explaining in details everything about his new Mazda MX5 RADBUL, and all the changes that are made in it, and just how much more aggressive it behaves now.

Then there are the Japanese drift-drivers with the Nissan, first Masashi Yokoi and his stunningly awesome D-Max S15 Silvia, followed by Daigo Saito and his jaw-dropping HKS Nissan GTR.

So if you are intrigued and interested to find out much more about these cars that we are watching and admiring in drifting action almost on a regular basis, check out the video below and enjoy the action. And if you want to see other videos from the Formula Drift Round 2 Road Atlanta, click here.