The Fastest Tesla Ever! Tesla P100D Sets The Fastest 1/4 Mile Record!

In a huge effort to beat the 10.6 ¼ mile, the crew behind TRC (Tesla Racing Channel) went all in and achieved the fastest ¼ mile record. To accomplish this feat, TRC followed the wise advice of none other than the CEO of Tesla – Elon Musk. He said that if you remove the frunk, the car will be significantly lighter and will improve the performance of the Model S even further. In this one, you are about to see exactly that -- the fastest Tesla ever. The removing also gives us a very cool insight into the Model S` drivetrain as it exposes the electric motor and all of the wires.

With the removal of the frunk, the fastest Tesla P100D really manages to set the ¼ mile record with a time of 10.4475. Immediately upon launch, the huge amount of torque is evident with the lighter front being slightly lifted. Mind you, this is a vehicle that weighs as much as an average Range Rover. In the final and third run, we assume the battery already suffered a bit because of the “ludicrous plus” mode. Nevertheless, the Tesla Model S P100D managed to deliver an even quicker run of 10.44 seconds. Fascinating! Congratulations to the Tesla Racing Channel for achieving such a feat!

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