The Fastest Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT In The World! Massive Turbo & 750HP On Just 8PSI!

Mitch Stevens from Sydney, Australia has the fastest Jeep Grand Cherokee on the planet, running into the 10`s at Sydney Dragway. A tuning company from America that builds some insane turbo Jeeps held this world record before. However, now Mitch and the crew behind the company from Sydney – Pure Motorworks were able to break the record with a stock engine! This SRT Jeep is powered by a factory 6.4L Hemi V8 with factory headers. The headers are running into straight pipes and down into a GTX42 Garrett turbo fitted under the car`s rear. Mitch has also made some upgrades to the stock fuel system and has made a bigger in-tank pump with a pair of 1300c injectors.

The standard ECU is modified for E85 juice. Other than that, this engine is standard. However, the final result is anything but stock. Now, it has 750 HP at all 4 tires that are running on only 8lbs boost! The fastest Jeep Grand Cherokee has retained its eight-speed auto transmission and AWD system. However, the factory box is replaced with a built unit made by American`s Paramount Performance who do many upgrades for SRT and Hellcat transmissions. Before this Jeep was rocked up at the Sydney Dragway, world record for these Jeep cars was 11.0. Mitch had a couple of tries on the dragstrip with every one proving faster than the other. Then he broke the record with a 10.75 at 129mph pass!

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