798HP HEMI Cuda Street Race in Sweden With Tommy Tiger!

Check out this 798HP HEMI Cuda Street Race in Sweden With The Swedish V8 Fanatic Tommy Tiger!

This 2400+ pounds monster runs pretty smoothly for such low temperatures, only 17.6 degrees Fahrenheit. That is possible thanks to the Chrysler V8 engine which by the way delivers 798 horsepower at 6800 RPM. Additionally, this video includes our favorite section, the interior of the car, where we can thoroughly see what is inside. Fun fact: in Sweden every car is street legal as along as it has seatbelt and brakes that correspond with the car’s weight. However, the fines are pretty high, for example if you are caught while burning your tires on the streets you are obliged to pay a ticket that is 50% of your salary. MADNESS !! So can anyone tell us what the real rules are in Sweden for hotrods and tubbed muscle cars?

Finally, this 1971 Cuda is HOT!

Enjoy the video below!

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