Can Your Car Do This? Jeep Grand Cherokee With A Custom Undercarriage Rises Above Traffic!

Some people create tunnels to handle traffic while others reinvent their cars. Verizon has come up with a new Hum platform. We are talking about a system that features an ODB dongle. This can transform your old model car with adding diagnostic information, road-side assistance, geo fencing, and speed and location tracking with your smartphone. So, to market this platform, Verizon came up with a very cool stunt. Their marketing team decided to transform a Grand Cherokee into an incredible traffic-defying sky ride. Because of its custom undercarriage, this Grand Cherokee Hum rider doesn`t have to worry about any traffic whatsoever.

The edge of this Hum platform is the capability to lift the Cherokee up to 9 feet high into the air and widen its track. You can see the Cherokee using its state-of-the-art monster truck mode and driving right over traffic. The company behind this marketing stunt is Thinkmodo. To accomplish this, they worked together with A2FX. This system has hydraulic lines that reach over 300 feet. It also features a gas generator so it can deliver all of the needed electricity to run the hydraulic pumps. It`s also equipped with many cameras to prevent the Hum rider from ripping the mirrors off of cars below. Too bad this is just a clever marketing stunt. The Verizon Hum Rider`s custom undercarriage would be more than useful in L.A.

Similar idea failed in China with the rise-above-traffic bus. Let`s see how the Jeep goes!


Posted by Jeep People on Monday, March 20, 2017