2 Chainz Pays $500,000 For The DeLorean Done By WEST COASTS CUSTOMS!

One really does not have to be a big time hop-hop fan, or to have to follow every step of his famous rapper, in order to know that these guys (from the hip-hop scene) never ever settle for something trivial. Translated into our language, it means that a millionaire rap artist does not even think about getting a stock ride, the way most of the `normal` people do. Even if he is not that much into cars, they still want something eccentric and extravagant! Today we have prepared for you a video clip with the famous rapper 2 Chainz, who is visiting one place, which looks like a real Gearhead heaven.

2 Chainz Pays 500000 For The DeLorean Done By WEST COASTS CUSTOMS 2

The place is the West Coast Customs, where many celebrities are taking their cars to get them customized, or simply go there to buy and treat themselves with some custom jaw-dropping supercar, which they are going to use it for the weekends.

As you can probably presume, the place is filled with numerous and various luxury sports cars and limousines, some pretty original and unique muscle monsters, and many other jaw-dropping specimens, that will make you feel like you have entered into a real car-dream world!

So, check it out and see how cool it is to be a rich and famous rapper, and take a look at all those commodities which they have at their disposal! Please share your thoughts in the comments. And if you want to find out and see more from the West Coast Customs, go to this link.