Flame Shooting With Lamborghini AVENTADOR BUMBLEBEE Edition!

There are not many things from the world of Motorsport and luxurious supercars, that can give to the man, such a pleasure, thrill and passion, like the one and only models of the magnificent Italian luxury sports car manufacturer, Lamborghini. If you ask me, the moment when the father of the company, Ferruccio Lamborghini, decided to break off his relationship with Ferrari in the early 60s, and found his own brand, was one of the most precious moments in the history of the sports cars manufacturing. And this Aventador Bumblebee edition is yet another proof of their spotless work.

Only a couple of years since it started, the Lamborghini name began receiving wide critical acclamation, and the car connoisseurs from all around the world saw that besides Ferrari, now there will be another luxury sports car brand that will make its mark in the history. And now, more than half a century later, we are enjoying the fruits of the impeccable work of the Lamborghini masters, and aftermarket maestros, who are giving us models and variants that makes us look at it with our mouth open.

As said, today we are going to show you one such an example, one jaw-dropping yellow model of Lamborghini Aventador -- Bumblebee edition. This model comes with some small modifications in its design, but it is powered by the same, well known 6.5 liter V12 motor that is boosting almost 700 HP. You will see this magnificent hypercar in a nightly joyride, spiced with a little flame shooting performance. So check it out and enjoy it, and if you want to find out more about the 50th Anniversary model, go to this link.