Wonder How The Engine Lubrication System Works?! This Explanation Will Answer All Your Questions!

We drive our car on a regular basis. That`s almost every day. While driving almost every day you have to learn a lot of things in order to maintain your car efficiently. Things like changing the Engine`s lubrication oils occasionally is a must! Just imagine how annoying it will be to hear all those shrilling sounds of metal pistons screaming because of a dry cylinder! So, while knowing how to maintain your vehicle, it won`t be bad to know how it works as well! This time, with the video below, we are focused on how the engine lubrication system works!

Inside the engine, moving parts generate friction, oil reduces friction between these services by creating a narrow film of oil molecules! This oil film reduces friction and heat! Oil also isolates harmful contaminants between oil changes! By suspending these particles, every oil change flushes this damaging material out of the engine. Oil also prevents rust and corrosion from occurring! It does so by coating all internal parts and preventing oxidation! Vehicles also use oil as a hydraulic fluid, engaging such components as the VTech rocker arms, the TC actuators and the cam chain tensioner!

Problems in the engine lubrication system start with basics. For example, the correct oil fill level is critical for the engine lubrication system to work properly. Too much oil can interfere with crankshaft rotation. This can aerate the oil that will lead to low oil pressure and possible engine damage! Low oil level causes different problems. Hard-braking or cornering can expose the oil pickup, drawing air into the oil pump and dropping system pressure.

When it comes it comes to the engine lubrication faults, the oil leak is the most common! Then comes the oil pressure fault. This can be caused by too much or too little oil pressure! Oil pressure can occur when air enters the suction side of the oil pump! In this video you`ll be able to see a thorough solution for both of these problems!

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