Driving Fails Compilation & Weird Moments – Best Of 2017 So Far!

Driving has probably been underrated since ever as almost everyone drives and gets a driving license easily. This makes the roads much more dangerous but also a place where amazing happens! The opening scene of this mad driving fails compilation will fix you up to the chair hungry for more! Hilarious scene completely matching the ones from the movie “Tire” (for the ones that have seen it), a wandering tire magically ends up in an office where everyone loses their mind over it! The following content gets only better.

Loose tires can be seen in other clips as well, including trucks, semi-trucks, SUVs and so on! Of course, this driving fails compilation does not only show crashes and wrecked vehicles. It also brings us misfortunes as mud covering your windshield making it impossible to see! As we skim through the video, there is another highlight. In a tunnel, a lady gets out of her vehicle which suddenly starts moving without here! She somehow manages to get run over by her own self moving vehicle. All this made us wonder? Will humans ever try to improve their driving capabilities and make the roads a bit safer? However, the video is below waiting for you!

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