SELF DRIVING Autonomous Mercedes-Benz! See How The System WORKS! Presented At The CES 2017!

This demonstration is done by a very famous YouTuber that goes by the name of Marques Brownlee. Mercedes saw what he was doing with his other videos that are mainly about Tesla, so they invited him to show him how they are developing self-driving technology. Obviously a lot of people know about Tesla and their self-driving capabilities. However, other people easily forget or don`t even realize a lot of other car manufacturers are working on the same thing in their own way. We are sure that most of you are familiar with Mercedes and their great reputation for quality, luxury and their splendid interior design. Anyway, the autonomous Mercedes is off the hook!

However, what they presented at the CES 2017 is a production vehicle E-Class, but they outfitted and upgraded the interior with additional features and other sensors for what they call drive pilot. This is actually coming in their S-class later in 2017. You can see where they put the sensors, they have the dual camera system all the way up in the front, just like the Tesla. This sensor is reading street signs, speed limits and things like that. There is also a radar located behind the bumpers on both the left and right-hand side to see around the autonomous Mercedes and what`s near you on the road. There is even a forward-facing radar that is located literally behind the Mercedes logo. Watch the full demonstration below! What is your opinion?

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