The Mercedes Benz S550e Plug In Hybrid Will Come With A Wireless Charging Feature!!

Mercedes Benz S550e 11
According to Green Car Reports, the Mercedes Benz S550e will come with a brand new wireless charging featureĀ for the 2008 model! This Sedan is likely to be the first ever production model with this kind of feature! But that is not all! A huge battery pack is also in store for the S550e!

The German manufacturer says its wireless charging process will have an efficiency rate of more than 90%! Wireless charging is done with one metal coil in the ground, and another underneath the car! Electricity is being transferred through the magnetic field between the two coils! This wireless charging system on the Mercedes Benz S550e will charge at 3.6 kWh! More than enough for a hybrid!

Mercedes Benz S550e 5