HILARIOUS Bollywood Movie Scene That Defies The Laws Of Physics!

It is really hard to see a decent comedy movie these days, but still we put our hats down to those who are trying. On the other hand, there are a lot of serious movies which are pretty much mandatory to watch. Anyway, what we are trying to say is that besides the lack of good comedies there are movies which are not comedies at all, but they still make us laugh!

For that matter, here is one hilarious Bollywood movie scene!

Hilarious Bollywood Movie Scene That Defies The Laws Of Physics!

This particular scene is from a popular Bollywood movie called “Singham”. In it, you are literally going to see the impossible. Namely, it is about a police officer chasing a bad guy who ultimately is arrested in a way you cannot even imagine! At first, you are going to see the two vehicles driving one next to another, and in the other moment the police car is way ahead the villain`s car! At this point, the cop gets out of his car, while it is still spinning and drifting, takes his gun and aims towards the other vehicle!

He instantly hits the tires, the car goes up in the air and starts spinning! And here comes the best part in this Bollywood movie scene. While the villain`s car is up in the air, the cop reaches for the bad guy, takes him out of the car through the window and arrests him, while the car crashes next to them both!

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