Nicole Frybortova Performs EPIC STUNTS For All CYCLING FANS!

Well, here is a little something for all of you who are fans of either gymnastics or cycling! Nicole Frybortova demonstrating gymnastic as she moves bikes will make you believe that everything is possible!

If you went to gym class in high school, you might be aware of the struggle to keep your balance and the incredible strength and focus it takes! Also, if you ever tried doing tricks on your bike, you might have some scars on your body as a proof of the times you failed badly!

Bearing that in mind, it might make you wonder how this girl managed to be still for more than five minutes without falling once! It must have taken her a lot of time and commitment to get to this level of confidence! Considering the fact that Nicole Frybortova is impeccable, she must have practiced A LOT, and we mean A LOT!

Watching her moves in the air, you have to admire her. She looks like a ballerina dancer on her bike. Surely the biggest contender for the first prize at the EMS cup. This girl will leave you with your jaw dropped! She is a living proof that hard work pays off and impossible is nothing!

If you want to see more of this amazing and talented girl, follow this link to visit her official page and watch other epic performances!