From Last To FIRST! The Epic Drive From Dean Evans With His Lotus At The Bathurst 1000!

Last To FIRST Epic Drive Dean Evans Bathurst 1000 1

The good thing when it comes to the Lotus Elise cars is that they are pretty small. Delightfully small to be honest. So small that it`s possible to take advantage of every tinny little gap and get to the front. Dean Evans was definitely aware of this fact and he didn`t fail to take advantage and beat his competitors. It`s a very epic video that looks like something out of a movie. This video comes from 2005 at the Lotus Trophy race. However, we are talking about a timeless racing performance that it`s cool today just like it was back then.

We have seen many great onboard racing videos, however, this one maybe ranks at the very top. You can see Dean Evans starting at the back, however, does that matter? Of course not. In just half a lap he manages to squeeze through every little gap at the legendary Bathurst. However, make no mistake, Bathurst`s mount Circuit has a reputation as an unforgiving circuit located in Australia.

While racing here, you got to avoid hitting other cars but also to avoid the dangerous hard walls that occupy much of the circuit as well. Having said that, any miscalculated pass or gap could end terribly for you, especially in a short spring race such as this one.

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Elise Bathurst

Some incredible driving from Dean Evans here in the Lotus Cars Elise!Car ThrottleHit this link to watch the full race:

Posted by Car Throttle on Wednesday, February 22, 2017