500HP B16 Turbo Honda Del Sol Totally Annihilates A Ferrari 360 On A Public Road! Awesome Onboard Cam!

When we are talking about building a car, lots of money does not necessarily mean you will be fast! Just the same as if you are going fast, does not necessarily mean that you spent a lot of money! Nevertheless, more often than not money does bring speed! But most certainly not in this case, in the footage below we have a standard car that totally catches an exotic supercar off guard! The car in the spotlight that beats an exotic is a turbo Honda Del Sol! Whatever this guy did to boost the performance of his Del Solo was more than enough to beat a Ferrari 360!

In the footage below, you`ll watch as the turbo Honda Del Sol goes neck-and-neck with the supercar and afterwards manages to handle the Italian exotic quite easily! The Ferrari eats dust! You`ll watch from an onboard camera mounted in the turbo Honda Del Sol just how easily that is done! That is some awesome tuning! Who knows what the Ferrari driver thought after the Del Sol`s overtake? He must`ve been left in a mixed feeling between awe and humiliation! This endeavor is a bit risky though. They are racing on a crowded highway. That we do not encourage! Enjoy the video!

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