50s Hot Rod Drifting! This Is The Sickest Way To Treat A Classic Car!

Check out this very cool Drifting In A 50s Hot Rod! This Is The Sickest Way To Treat A Classic Car! The owner is from Finland, where he takes his 50s Ford hot rod drifting and rallying! As you already know, we are fans of muscle cars and American classics, and whenever we find something good, we let you know! The video we are sharing with you is special because the star is an American car, but the video is not filmed in the United States! Seeing people from around the world who enjoy driving American classic cars makes us proud to be American! As for the video, it shows a Ford hot rod drifting on a dirt road somewhere in Finland! This race is called the Freak Race, and it is indeed freaky! There is a certain club in Finland that adores Ford Classics!!! For that matter, allow us to present to you this Finish driver who enjoys AMERICAN MUSCLE CARS!

Thus, he owns a classic Ford and uses it for various activities! Everything is here, drifting, burnouts… This club is popular under the name – FREAK CLUB and this is their FREAK RACE! This is one more proof about how excellent AMERICAN MUSCLES are as this could not have been done with another type of vehicle! That was our brief introduction, it is now your turn to see this race! We didn`t know that there are shows like this one in Europe, but we are glad we found a video of one! This just shows how revered our American cars are throughout the world! Finnish people know how to pick a good car! Wait no more and watch the Ford hot rod drifting in Finland! Check it out!!! This is definitely an exciting and impressive run! See it for yourself!

And if you are in for more intense action, follow this link!

Enjoy the video below!

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