Great Video On How To Double Clutch! Advanced Driving Knowledge!

If you want to be a pro driver, or if you just want to improve your advanced driving techniques, you will want to learn how to double clutch.

Double Clutch Is Part Of Advanced Driving Knowledge 2

Now, you might have heard about double clutching from Fast N` Furious, but if you want to find out how exactly to perform this, here is the video for you. Basically, the purpose that double clutching serves is the synchronization of your input shaft and your output shaft on the transmission.

This technique is usually used in vehicles with unsynchronized manual transmissions such as specialty vehicles and commercial trucks, but that doesn`t mean that you can`t use it if you`re just a regular Joe with a regular car. Even more so, it will help you go faster and your car will run better.

Now, the way to performing this advanced driving technique is simple, but it all needs to be one fluid motion so that you get what you want. First, you have to press the clutch and pull the stick into neutral as you do that. Second, you will need to press the clutch again and put the stick in the next gear.

This only applies for upshifting, but there is a downshifting technique as well – all you need to do is tap the gas pedal a little bit between clutches to even out the speeds of your input and output shafts in the transmission and you`ll be all set!

The one thing that you have to remember is to keep everything in one motion and do it fast before the RPM`s drop and the move is useless. Just practice with your engine off and you`ll be fine.

Here is another lesson on how to double clutch!