The Difference Between OLD & NEW Top Fuel Hemi! It All Comes Down To Small Margins!

Since the 60`s, Top Fuel Hemi and funny car have used the 426 Hemi design. Back then they made about 1,500HP, but the teams always search for ways to increase those numbers in order to get an advantage. However, the newest technology allows the teams to make 11,000HP with that same basic design. One of the things the teams have done is actually set the supercharger back on the engine. That makes the fuel and air mixture going into that engine much more efficient. The standard firing order for the 426 is now 1843 5672. They switched 7 and 4 in the firing order.

The video continues to explain how drag nitro racing has evolved and how these teams are combining parts in order to get the most out of these monstrous machines. Because of the rules and regulations the NHRA has, these folks needs to have a lot of creativity in order to be the fastest in the field. When you look at it, it all comes down to small margins. A two-thousandths of a second advantage means a lot. That`s why every little tweak is important. Watch the video below and tell us what you think about the timeless Top Fuel Hemi design!

Wondering what 10,000HP cost? Here is the answer!