Ariel Nomad Gets A Supercharger! Go Off-Road Even Faster!

If you take the past of this automaker into consideration, you are not supposed to be surprised by this decision. Supercharging the Ariel Nomad means that it is going to be even more desirable for the adrenalin junkies! This latest upgrade, combined with the lightweight construction of this vehicle will give you the power you`ve always wanted!

Supercharged Ariel Nomad 9

Furthermore, with this modification, the Nomad`s 2.4 liter motor manufactured by Honda, will be able to deliver 290 horses as well as 251 foot-pound of torque! Also, it will go from 0 to 60 in amazing 3.4 seconds! And one more thing: if you already have a Nomad, or is on the way to you, don`t worry. You can mount additionally mount the supercharger.

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Supercharged Ariel Nomad 10