DRAG RACE: Sébastien Gagnon COGA Truck vs Rémi Normand!

Check out this CRAZY TRUCK DRAG RACE between the Sébastien Gagnon with his famous custom COGA semi truck against Rémi Normand and his Black Monster!

It is immediately different feeling when you see two huge trucks at the starting line ready for racing! A real jaw dropping sight! However, this race in particular differs a little bit from the ones we are used to and in our opinion there are some things missing. For example at the beginning there is a good amount of black smoke but there is a lack of loud sounds that will make the race even more thrilling. Moreover, when you see a truck this size, ready for racing you think that it is going to cross the finish line in no time. But not this time, and this is what made us a little disappointed.

Feel free to share you opinion with us! However, do you know about Volvo’s Iron Knight?

Enjoy the video below!

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