People are always looking for more, in every aspect of our lives. Not only because our eyes are hungry for more, but also our minds and spirits strive to achieve more, so we can experience more. And when we meet our goals we feel like we have done something significant with our lives. You might wonder what`s the point with the aforesaid prose. Well, the video below has something artistic in it that inspired us to begin like this. Anyway, let`s see what we have here for today. As a teaser, we have a Volvo FH truck involved.

The recording you are about to see presents filming of a music video for the purpose of the artist Mapei. Therefore, Volvo decided to help her and the director Liza Minou Morberg to vivify the idea they have about the video. However, not everyone is brave and skillful enough to perform a side wheelie with such a machine. In order to do that, they have hired one of world`s best drivers – Walter Melis, who is accompanied by stunt coordinator Peter Pedrero. One interesting fact is that this stunt is actually the first side wheelie with a Volvo FH truck. Listen carefully to the things that can go wrong and we strongly recommend you not to attempt this on your own. No matter how cool it looks.

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