Common Problems Which Are Fixed By Auto Repair Syracuse Ny

We all love the freedom to drive, but with this freedom comes plenty of responsibilities and plenty of issues from wear and tear. From different types of leaks to sputtering engines, we can give you the quick lowdown on what often goes wrong in your car and when to call for a mechanic. In this article, let`s take a look at the most common problems that can be fixed by an auto repair shop in Syracuse, NY or anywhere else in the world.

Your Car Won`t Start

What`s worse than a problem whilst driving down the road? Being unable to get the car to start to begin with. A vehicle that won`t start can be the result of a few factors and it`s usually indicated by a click when you turn the engine on instead of the usual engine starting. An auto repair shop can determine if it`s a problem with the starter relay or spark plugs that need replacement. It`s no easy task for the average motorist.


There are two common leaks that are both familiar to longtime car owners: these are either radiator leaks or oil leaks. Radiator leaks are the result of faulty radiators or connectors, and they`re first noticed when the air-conditioning starts acting weird. A radiator leak can become a major problem because it can cause your vehicle to overheat and give you issues whilst on the road. Preventive maintenance such as the regular flushing of coolant is often required to prevent this from happening.

On the other hand, oil leaks can come from a variety of places. They can be the result of a faulty oil filter or a plug that has been placed the wrong way. A DIY approach can`t be taken when it comes to leaks. In fact different auto mechanics, such as, for example, should be consulted right away should you notice any sort of leak coming from your vehicle.

Transmission Issues

When your transmission starts slipping or not being able to smoothly shift between gears, this could be a sign of transmission failure in your car. Although transmissions usually last for years, they`ll often need some maintenance or replacement parts after a while. An auto repair shop should be able to help with this issue if you get it seen to as soon as it starts to occur.

Dead Batteries

A dead battery is another major culprit for vehicles breaking down and roadside assistance being required. A battery usually lasts for about three years before it needs replacement but there`s a lot of things that could happen that can shorten a car battery`s lifespan.

Damaged alternators and charging components could shorten your battery`s lifespan, and even a faulty temperature sensor can give you issues. It`s advisable that you adhere to a strict battery maintenance schedule and you make sure that your auto repair shop regularly checks if your alternator is running correctly.

A symptom of a damaged alternator is a rattling engine and electrical failure. You might be able to replace the battery yourself, but alternator repair will require a professional.

Sputtering and Rattling Engine

Sometimes the engine won`t start because of cold weather, other times the engine will sputter whilst you`re driving the road. A sputtering or rattling engine could mean either a fuel or ignition malfunction, and at other times it could mean that you have to take your car in for maintenance.

Due to a multitude of different internal components that could have malfunctioned – apart from the main culprits: fuel and ignition systems – trying to troubleshoot a sputtering or rattling engine isn`t something you can do on your own. It`s usually advised that you seek professional help.

 Noisy Brakes

As much as it`s essential that your vehicle can move forward, it`s also important that you have optimal stopping power, and one of the first signs that you need to have your brakes serviced is when you start to hear a squeaking sound when you press on them.

Brakes are designed for wear-and-tear, but they`re replaceable components in any automobile. When the brakes go from squealing to grinding, you could be in a lot of trouble, and any sign of brake issues have to be run through an authorized auto repair shop.


There`s only so much DIY maintenance that you can do on your vehicle before having to take it into an auto repair shop. However, when in doubt, it`s always advisable that you let a professional check it out.

Always make sure that you treat your vehicle right and you adhere to good maintenance schedules.