Meet SYRMA – The Prototype Car Made By 11 STUDENTS!

Have you ever wished to look into the future and see what it has for you? Well, don`t worry because it is right here -- a magnificent car like you have never seen before. Gives you the impression like it is built in one piece. Ladies and gentlemen, we present SYRMA, the futuristic masterpiece! This extreme sports car was designed by 11 Master study STUDENTS!

First thing that obviously strikes you is its dimensions. More than 4 meters in length, almost 2 meters in width and something above 1 meter in height! Despite the dimensions the main focal point of its creators is the safety. Although it looks like you can`t see from inside the car, the position of the seats gives you maximum visibility. Now, a word or two about the machine under the hood. It has a hybrid powertrain engine combining 4 liter V6 engine and an electric motor, delivering a staggering 900 horsepower!

You don`t need a time machine to seize the future, it is right here! Press play and let Syrma work its magic!

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