Excavator Operator Of Cat 319D LN Level 100!

Sometimes you have to do something extraordinary in order to finish your job accurately and on time. The footage you are about to see shows how you can use the full potential of a machine, of course if you are experienced enough. It is a question of an excavator Cat 319D LN that needs to get on a rail car. Then, the stage is taken by the operator who works his magic in a way he knows best! You are probably wondering, why on Earth he has to climb a rail car in the first place? Because the rail car itself is very high and cannot be unloaded from the ground.

Therefore, two metal frames on two different levels are placed next to the rail car so the Cat 319D LN excavator can reach the cargo and unload it. However, there isn`t an available machine that can lift the excavator from the ground, so it must do this endeavor on its own. The operator is so experienced and he needs around 5 minutes to climb onto the rail car and start unloading. Pretty impressive, don`t you think?

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