The Police Seized Cars Worth Millions! Lambo, McLaren are some of it!

*You Love Classic Cars? All Collector Cars now has over 30,000 vehicles listed for sale and a Man Cave! For more information visit!* This video is exactly like a scene from the movies. For a moment we thought we are taking part in one of the Fast and Furious series with all the fancy cars surrounding us. We do not really know what the police was doing with them, but we really had a strong reaction when we saw all those cars in one place! If we sum up the values of all the Police seized cars we will get a crazy number of approximately 4 million American dollars!!!

You can notice noble cars taking place in this video such as Dodge Viper SRT-10 ACR as well as a Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren Roadster and that is not all. Moreover, we have a brand new Rolls Royce Drophead which is really hard to see, but it is there and we also have a Diablo Roster!

This is really an incredible collection and it is really a feast for the eyes. We do not know why the police is seizing them or relocating them, but from a Car-lover`s perspective, we hope no harm will be done and these beauties will stay as they are right now! Enjoy!