Dodge Viper vs Nissan GTR! The SRT-10 is Supercharged!

Supercharged SRT-10 Dodge Viper vs Nissan GTR drag race -- a real battle between two respected monsters!

Although there is quite a differentiation in the number of horsepower, which are in favor of the Viper, this is the TIGHTEST DRAG RACE we have ever seen! Just for the record, the Nissan has 550 HP and the Dodge 750. Also, there is a short footage from the inside of the Japanese car, giving you a chance to feel the adrenalin. Somewhere around the middle of the track, the GT-R had a slight advantage but then the horses under the Viper`s hood started galloping! Unfortunately for the muscle car, that wasn`t enough and lost the race in a matter of inches! So close!

Finally, check out these time laps at Nurburgring!