We have already said and explained numerous times how we feel about the Chevy Chevelle, when it comes to the classic American muscle cars! We firmly believe that it`s one of the most iconic, and best Detroit muscles, that has ever come out as a product of the golden era of the late 60`s and the early 70`s. And this jaw-dropping and powerful specimen that we saw during our visit at this year`s SEMA show in Vegas, just proved us to be right about it!

I mean, we are completely aware that the new American muscles are definitely more reliable, and probably more fun than the vintage models, but our hearts simply go with the classics. And there`s nothing we can do about it!

Also, we are so thankful to the Chevrolet guys, who resurrected this specific example, called the Slammer concept, in order to promote their latest crate engine, along with the controllers, and the gearbox. The basics are taken from the well known LT1 engine, that could be commonly seen in the new Camaro SS, as well as the new Corvette Stingray. But in the case of the Chevy Chevelle Slammer concept, its motor has reworked heads and camshafts, and it delivers more horse and torque power.

And of course, the car looks absolutely jaw-dropping. So, just have a look at the following video that we`ve made at the SEMA, and if you want to find out something more about this car, click here.