Absolutely Stunning! Chevy Camaro SS-turned-Trans Am Takes The Streets In Florida! What A Sound!

Muscle cars are what this site is about! We love everything about them, and every single interesting thing we find about a muscle car, we share with all of you! Today, we have yet another interesting muscle car story to share, this time coming from Tallahassee, Florida. This story starts in the Trans Am depot, where Chevy Camaros SS come in, and leave as Pontiac Trans Am! In the video, you will see just how amazing a Chevy Camaro Trans Am is! Let us start from the beginning. All Chevys come to the performance bay. As the commentator puts it, it is where the mechanical magic happens.

Most Chevys are basically stock, with a 6.2 liter engine. After this part is taken out, it is replaced with an LSX 454 engine. Basically, the car gets a complete makeover, with brakes being replaced, as well as putting in a grind cut cam for the supercharger. Furthermore, American Racing manufactured special exhaust systems just for these Trans Ams! However, the engine and exhaust systems aren`t the only things that are changed! The car also gets a whole different look, with custom T-tops, front and rear features, custom rims and a new interior. In the end, you get a powerful Chevy Camaro Trans Am with a really nice sounding engine! Check it out!

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