Exclusive! See The Brand New Bandit Trans Am Being Introduced By Burt Reynolds!

Maybe new Pontiacs are no longer on the market. But, you can still go and buy a brand new Bandit Trans Am! The Trans Am has been reborn after 40 years since it became famous in the very own Burt Reynolds classic blockbuster Smokey and the Bandit!

The crew at Trans Am depot, has been creating new Screaming Chickens which are based on the bones of Chevrolet Camaro fifth generation, now have launched a new Bandit Trans Am. The inspiration for the new Trans Am came from the well-known black and gold examples which starred in Buck Reynolds` cult movie released in 1977, Smokey and the Bandit. Its gold highlights have been all meticulously hand painted for each of the cars.
The new Bandit Trans Am is a limited edition. Only 77 examples are going to be built. The number 77 has a symbolic meaning. It represents the year when the movie was released. But, it represents the year of the model car that is in the movie as well.

Similar cars were built in the past by Trans Am depot. But, what makes this new Trans Am so special is that Buck Reynolds himself was involved in the design and the development as well. Every one of these 77 cars will bear Buck Reynolds` signature too. The company also stated that Buck Reynolds has apparently requested to buy one for himself.

A genuine T top roof will come with the cars. Carbon Fiber roof that will have two panels that are going to be removable. This will give the car the distinctive Trans Am design and it will include the beautiful feel in the hear feel. The engine stashed under the hood will be a GM V8 which is being tuned to produce 840 HP!
If you are Smokey and the Bandit`s fan, we are you sure are going to love this new Trans Am Bandit edition.
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