Vintage Beauty From 2016 SEMA SHOW! A CLASSIC CHEVROLET CAMARO SS CUSTOM In Dark Grey With Black Stripes!

A show like SEMA really offers many things that could make one`s head start spinning, and this classic Chevrolet Camaro SS Custom, with a dark grey paint job, and with the well known black stripes along the body, was definitely one of those. It`s simply a typical vintage Detroit muscle that is impossible to miss it, even when a person is in a place like this. But on the other hand, that`s also a reason why filming the best possible video is not an easy thing. The buzz around such a jaw-dropping ride is simply way to great!

As you`re going to see in just a moment, the Chevy Camaro SS has an interior where the red color dominates, which fits perfectly with its dark grey paint job. Under the hood there is the powerful V8 motor that can generate more than 300 HP, and pretty much the same level of pound feet of torque.

Unfortunately, we can`t give you the whole list of specs right now, and that`s why we`re going to leave you to just feast your eyes with this classic Camaro SS beauty. So, check out the video, and enjoy!

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