Check This Out! The ETS NISSAN GTR SETTING A NEW US RECORD – 7.32 Seconds At 196 MPH! Wooow!

Let`s be totally honest! Whenever there`s a Nissan GTR example that has been tuned by a renowned and proven tuning company, we all know that we are destined to see one hell of a race! And sometimes, even a record! Just like in the case of the following Nissan GTR, that`s a product of the Extreme Turbo Systems (ETS), that has regained their old Quarter-Mile GTR US record.

It all started with the Alpha Omega GTR that we all know very well (from the numerous videos), then the first ETS Nissan GTR reset their best time, followed by the T1 Race GTR new record, and now, after some time, the Extreme Turbo Systems` awesome Nissan GTR got it back!

The reason for that is in the few changes the guys had done, like the bigger turbos, the traction control, there`s no plexiglass, or some overboard race car bits in this GTR, but what you see is a real weight street ride!

But talk is talk, and walk is walk! So, you better check out the video below and see this awesome and fast as hell GTR ripping through the track and setting a new American record with an impressive time of 7.32 seconds at 196 mph. and of course, enjoy the ride!

And if you want to find out something more about the Extreme Turbo Systems, and learn about their kit for the Nissan GTR, go to this link.