6.0 Powerstroke Twin Turbo Honda Civic Hatchback!

Some of you have probably seen this cool video clip, taking into an account that it has been circling the internet for more than couple of years, but we have felt sort of obliged to show it to you anyway, because the main protagonist in it, this twin turbo Honda Civic Hatchback with a monster diesel engine under (and over) the hood is most definitely something that we do not get to see every other day. And you know well by now that we love showing you all kinds of `homemade hybrid` monsters!

What you are about to see is the only Twin Turbo Honda Civic hatchback that is equipped with a 6.0 liter Power Stroke Diesel V8 engine, literally stuck and jammed inside its small engine bay. From the small amount of information what we could have found about it on the internet, unfortunately, this unique car is no longer around. It was built and constructed in a car shop called Outlaw Diesel, located somewhere outside of Miami, in Florida.

As you are about to see in the video below, I`m pretty much sure that there is no other Honda Civic in this world that produces so much torque power! A real devil that makes clouds of smoke as it prepares to hit the drag strip and set things on fire! So check it out and tell us what you think about it. But if you like a regular Honda Civic, click here if you want to find out more about the latest model.