So you`re buying a car, right? You have it all figured out, the color, the type, with or without A/C and you thing the tough part has passed. But you were wrong, there is this crazy little thing called LOADING! Yeah, you remember now. It`s always a tough thing. -- How do we do it? Watch out, you`ll scratch it! Be careful! -- Truth is, we always manage to get it in that truck somehow. But, we now see there is a perfect mini crane that will ease this job for good!

The video that we are about to show you presents a Porsche that is about to be loaded into a truck. Now, we all know that the Porsche is very low and near the floor so it`s a real challenge to get it in without destroying it. That`s where the little crane comes in! It simply grabs the vehicle by its front tires and lifts it without difficulties! It than moves easily around as it loads the car into the truck as easy as loading a six-pack into a shopping cart! Take a look at the video guys, tell us what you think of this mini crane!

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