Check Out How Changing Differential FLUID Should Be Done!

If you like driving cars, you need to know how to take care of them as well. They are machines and oftentimes they will have an issue. This is why we commonly share videos that show that can help you fix a certain problem. Today, we have a video that will show you how changing differential fluid should be done! A differential transfers power from the drive shaft to each wheel. In order to change the fluid, you will first need to see if you can unscrew the filler plug. If you can`t unscrew the filler plug, you will not be able to fill the differential if you drain it!

If you plan on changing differential fluid, you will need several tools for the job. These are: a ratchet, an extension as well as a socket. This will take the differential cover on and off. Furthermore, you will also need a screwdriver, a pair of pliers, plastic scrapper, gasket, brake clean, oil catch can and paper towels. Bear in mind that the process of changing differential fluid takes some time, so do not rush it! First, you will need to unscrew the filler plug so you can check the fluid level. Afterwards, you will drain the fluid in the oil catch can. To find out the whole process, hit play on the video below!

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