Cadillac CTSV With Its Oversized Turbo 106mm Makes 7 Seconds Pass! WOW!

When you own a supercharged Cadillac CTSV you already have a pretty fast car. However, if you want to go incredibly fast, you do what this guy did – strap on the biggest oversized turbo you can find! The result of this is clear – it tripled his horsepower and it made him able to do a 7 second pass on the track! He slams on the gas pedal and the engine roars as he takes off down the runway. If you thought this was all that the CTSV had, you were wrong! This was just its first time on the track and there`s a lot of stuff to figure out in the future!

I can`t wait to see what happens when all the glitches are figured out and this amazing car and its oversized turbo are fine tuned into perfection. If he got 7 seconds now, getting a 6 shouldn`t be a problem after that. Just goes to show – when you can make something unusually fast, it can have a very positive result. The crowd cheers on as the guy hits just under 7 seconds again and again and this is just the humble beginning for this incredibly put together Cadillac CTSV.

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