UNBELIEVABLE World Record Of 207MPH (333KMH) on a BICYCLE!

Watch this incredible superfast, record holder bicycle smokes a Ferrari F430 Scuderia on the Circuit Paul Ricard in the South of France! Can you believe that this bicycle‘s time on 1/4 mile is 7 seconds and has a top speed of 207MPH (333KMH)? Does it amaze or even scare you? Well, it is an unbelievable world record!

Many things become possible and many records are broken in the 21st century! One of those numerous records is presented right here! Really unusually fast record! A bike that reached a speed of more than 200 mph! Can you believe that? If not, you will after watching this video. This bike, made by Arnold Neracher, makes the Italian supercar look like a wagon! It has an amazing start! Of course, the weight plays a key role in this case. You can see this bike`s runs recorded from different camera angles. Also, you can witness the record braking ride from a POV of the rider`s back.

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